Review the Z-Grabber Oral Motor Tool


Z-Grabber Oral Motor Tool

Combine a chewy toy with oral therapeutic vibration and you’ve got the Z-Grabber® - an innovative oral motor device that combines the benefits of vibration, oral motor stimulation and oral motor control and sensory processing.

Children can work on their biting and chewing skills while enjoying all the tactile vibration plus the added bonus of a chewable “Grabber” loop attached to the plastic handle.

The Z-Grabber can also be used as a teether and vibrating toy for infants that require oral motor stimulation and exploration.

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User Reviews

Daisie loves this!! She loves the texture on the yellow end and having the handle really helps her to keep a hold on it. It’s quite pricey but it did stop her from eating/chewing on her hands and fists. Would really recommend it, only thing that could make it better is if If came with some of the other attachments.

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17th Apr 2017


Brielle absolutely LOVES her Z-grabber! I’ve found she’s not as keen on the straight yellow attachment that comes with it, but we bought a pack of animal attachments and she loves to chew on them. Also you can get spoons and all sorts of things to use with this excellent tool for oral motor stimulation.

The handle is great for her to hold and she sometimes chews on it too. A must have if your child loves vibration and has feeding difficulties!

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Becca T


10th Mar 2017