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Wheelchair Trousers

Sitting in conventional school trousers all day for a wheelchair user can be really uncomfortable; waistbands that dig in and pull down at the back, too short in the leg, rough material that can irritate the skin.

Our new wheelchair trousers are designed to eliminate all these problems.

Higher at the back with a shaped seat to stop gaping and riding down. Slightly longer in the leg to compensate for sitting.

Soft brushed lining and an elasticated waist mean these trousers are amazingly comfortable and durable.

  • Designed to be worn seated
  • Higher at the back with a shaped seat
  • Slightly longer in the leg
  • Comfortable elasticated waistband
  • Durable, jersey cotton
  • Soft brushed lining.
  • Machine washable

Available in sizes Small - Large (age 4-11+)

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