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Triton Chair

Triton offers individuals who have extensive and complex seating and postural needs the opportunity to get active with others and their surroundings. Its unique combination of design, form and functionality is underpinned by years of experience, continuing development and a commitment to helping children, young people adults and their respective carers achieve greater levels of independence.

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We love this chair! Easy to maneuver and actually doesn’t take up as much space as you’d expect despite the wide wheelbase. A bonus is that the covers are easily removed for washing, and simple to put back on!

The chair is easy to tilt and adjust the height of the seat allowing you to interact with your child at a comfortable height. We have the tray with ours which allows us to do all sorts of play with our son when he’s in the chair. As a child with a mild scoliosis its crucial that his posture is maintained, and the Triton does exactly that.

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4th May 2017