Review the Tactile Discs


Tactile Discs

Great in sensory circuits in schools at the start of the day to help children focus their concentration ready for learning.

Useful as stepping stones for balance and coordination activities (‘organising’ activities) in sensory circuits.

Easy to clean and use.

Rubber tops

Includes 5 large and 5 small discs, drawstring storage bag and blindfold.

User Reviews

The box comes with 5 large discs and 5 small discs of the same texture. The colors are bright, the textures are very different and entertaining for my 5 year old sensory seeker. The small discs are rubber, and she can also chew on them. I clean the small discs by placing them in the dishwasher. I couldn’t have been happier with them. She plays with them constantly, and I think they are great for any oral or motor seeker!

Reviewed by

sarah nunnally


19th Jun 2017


We had these disks but have passed on. The are lovely and bright, and tactile, and fun for stepping stones. Also great for sensory matching activites with the large disk, and small disk, but Brielle got bored with them after some time. More fun in a group environment I’d say!

Reviewed by

Becca T


12th Jun 2017