Review the Swim-sters Disposable Swim Nappies

Incy Wincy

Swim-sters Disposable Swim Nappies

- Designed to contain solids and not urine without adding weight.

- Designed to help contain up to 98% of bacteria associated with recreational water illnesses
- Designed not to absorb or contain liquid
- Fit comfortably and discreetly under a swimsuit
- Designed to not come apart in the water and clog filters
- Non-woven with polyurethane coating

User Reviews

Was optimistic about using these as there quite see through and couldn’t see them absorbing anything I put them on my son and ready to put him in the hottub and he had peed through straight on to me before even gettin in but put him in the tub he had his fun and when it was time to come out and get his wetsuit off I noticed he had soiled but luckily enough it was all contained inside the pants n suit some did come out but there was room in the pant so maybe if ur was a better fit I would be more reluctant to rate this higher but for me i think il stick more to an absorbed nappy kind.

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8th May 2017