Review the Steering Wheel Baby Potty

Big Bobby

Steering Wheel Baby Potty

A fun baby potty with an ergonomic seat. The steering wheel can entertain children while they wait, to make potty training a more enjoyable experience.

User Reviews

Not technically in the ‘special needs’ arena of equipment, but for my child, a fabulous item to encourage toileting. Like many boys, he is obsessed with steering wheels and this provides a way to keep him seated for a toileting episode while he steers to his heart’s content. Could be well suited to ASD children who like to spin.
Easy to assemble and clean. The inner part comes away for emptying which is attached to the wheel. The beeping horn is an added feature. When repeatedly used the wheel can become detached from the base and need clipping back into place which is slightly tedious.

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18th Oct 2016