Review the Squiggles Early Sitting System


Squiggles Early Sitting System

Early Sitting System is designed to encourage children up to 48 months to develop sitting balance. The dynamic trunk support of this lightweight, portable seat allows upper body movement. It can be set up for dynamic sitting, prone sitting and long sitting and can even be strapped to a normal dining table chair.

User Reviews

This is an amazing little chair! My daughter who has low tone cerebral palsy was so happy in this from about 1.5-3 years old! Much more supportive and comfortable for her than the likes of the Bumbo. She could eat (tube feed), play with her sisters and be part of the action in the play or living room in here. Must point out that we only used as a floor seater- not a booster seat, as she has a supportive high chair.  A fabulous product which has been passed on to help other kiddos smile

Reviewed by

Becca T


1st Sep 2016