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Squiggles Early Activity System

The Early Activity System is designed to be used as part of a programme of early intervention to maximise a child’s future potential. The product consists of a number of soft, bright rolls, wedges, straps and supports, which when used in combination with the Activity Development Programme by therapists and parents, enhance the development of babies and young infants.

User Reviews

This was one of my absolute top 5 pieces of equipment when my son was little.  It provides a huge range of options for varying levels of support that are hugely beneficial to little ones with need for early intervention and some of the positions you can get them into and keep them in are superb.  It gives you your hands back to occupy and engage them so they tolerate the equipment longer and therefore hold a position or get a good stretch for a much more beneficial period of time.

I recommend this all the time!

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17th Jan 2017