Review the SmartKnit AFO Socks


SmartKnit AFO Socks

AFO socks are designed to enhance the success of orthoses use, by creating a healthy and comfortable foot environment.

100% seamfree design means they do not rub or leave marks on feet and legs, a result often seen from traditional socks.

Close fitting specialist design ensures an ideal fit for AFO and splint wearers

Available in 5 colours

User Reviews

Great idea but quite expensive for what they are.
Was excited to try these as my Son generates a LOT of heat, so having socks and AFO’s leaves him with very sweaty feet!
These offered ventilation for his feet and legs and they didn’t leave any marks on his skin. He certainly seems much happier in these in the hot weather.
A couple of downsides though, my son’s legs are quite skinny with low muscle tone.  This meant these socks sometimes sagged & slipped down.  -
Also, despite his legs being thin, the socks have stretched and lost some shape. So they won’t be of any use to us much longer.

Reviewed by

Laura Shepherd


18th Jun 2017


I love these but they are really expensive like $75 for 6 pair.  Yes I’m not even kidding.  The only draw back is my son has tiny skinny legs so they’d slide down frequently on him, but they are soft and completely seamless and if you have a child with sensory challenges to fabrics and seams you’ll love these.

Reviewed by

Healing Heart


2nd Jun 2017