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Sleeping bags with feet

Slumbersac’s new and exclusive sleeping bags with feet provide your child with the freedom to move around while still enjoying the comfort of their sleeping bag. These bags offer the same comfort and feel of a regular Slumbersac sleeping bag but reduces falling over or tripping up when trying to move around in it.

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Love this product! Genius!

My son struggles to stay still in his sleep, often kicking off his blankets and waking up cold.

I loved how cosy he looked when I put him in this. He stayed warm over night too! Hallelujah!

The only ‘problem’ (which isn’t really a problem that can be fixed..) we had was if he wriggled too much, his feet would put inside the sleeping bag, causing him to trip when he tried to stand!
Socks over He bottoms of the legs helped a little with this ‘problem’!

Would definitely recommend!

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16th Jan 2017