Review the Seenin Changing Mats


Seenin Changing Mats

The mat rolls up to be hung over a shoulder or on the back of a wheelchair, ideal for holidays, outings, hospital appointments or at home.

The mat features a carrying handle and a Hook and Loop, closing storage pocket, which can double up as a headrest (by filling with soft items).

Designed specifically for special needs and disabilities, this changing mat provides protection and comfort for quick changes on the move as well as at home.

Fully machine washable.

Available in cotton or bamboo.

Available in a range of colours.

User Reviews

What a fantastic idea this is!

Easily transported as it can just hook over the wheelchair handle, or clip to our changing bag. Lightweight and discreet.

It’s a little tricky to fold back up into itself until you’ve had a bit of practice though!

Love the soft material, and also the colours help make it look a little less ‘clinical’.

Reviewed by

Emmy Heaton


15th Jun 2017