Review the Ramblegard Floor Patient Monitoring System


Ramblegard Floor Patient Monitoring System

The Ramblegard floor pad is an advanced budget solution to monitoring.

The floor pad sensor mat works by triggering an alarm once someone applies pressure to it by stepping onto the mat. The mat is positioned on the floor and the alarm is triggered when the child rolls or steps on it. Typical locations are:

  • Beside the bed
  • In a doorway
  • On an approach to stairs etc.

User Reviews

An excellent monitoring device. We have 3 now along the side of my daughter’s bed as they alert us if she jumps out of bed during the night.

The only thing I wish was adjustable is the alarm volume or tone. That would be a nice feature.

If you live in the UK and your child has special needs, you can ask the community nurses to refer an order to the OTs to provide the mats.

Reviewed by

Becca T


17th Nov 2016