Review the Rackety’s Keeley Vest side opening


Rackety’s Keeley Vest side opening

The Keeley vest with side opening is easy to get on and off as it does not have to go over your child’s head and can be wrapped around then popped up. Perfect for dressing children with stiff limbs or wriggly dressers- and allows great access for mickey buttons or g-tubes whenever you need it. Vest open from the left when worn.

Available for ages 3-14 and in colours White, Navy, Grey and Black.

User Reviews

We really likes these vests.

The side opening is my favourite feature as it means not having to upset my son by putting thins over his head!

Very handy for tube feeding as you only need to open 1 or 2 of the poppers to gain enough access.

At almost £15 each these are very pricey but they hold they’re shape very well after being washed.

I would definitely recommend them.

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22nd Sep 2016