Review the Rackety’s Joey Popper Vests for Children


Rackety’s Joey Popper Vests for Children

Soft cotton vests made to allow access to mickey buttons or g-tubes, stopping the embarrassment of having to undress your child to get them fed when you are out and about. The front opening will also allow you to change your child’s nappy when you need to as well as keeping your child warm and comfortable all day and through the night.

​Available in White or Navy with White Trim for ages 3 to 14 years.

User Reviews

Initially I really like this style but after a couple of uses I found the way it’s tummy access is to be really annoying.

The quality of the clothing is lovely. However if you do accidentally tumble dry it will shrink!

As I found the opening such a pain I wouldn’t recommend from that point of view but kf you like it that way then they are definitely worth the money as the material is so nice.

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22nd Sep 2016