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PAL Classroom Seat

The Pal Classroom Seat is suitable for children aged 1-12 years with mild to moderate postural needs. It gives improved stability which helps reduce fatigue, allowing the child longer periods of concentration and fine motor activity.Pal: Posture+Attention=Learning

User Reviews

Brielle really loves her PAL seat! She has used size 1 both in the classroom and home, now is on size 2! She loves the independence of getting into it herself and doing the buckle. We had to get the footplate fitted to prevent tipping backwards.
I love the look and the wipeable material and comfort of this little chair! The BLACK tray is PERFECT for contrast and activities especially for kids with visual impairments like Brielle.
The reason I’ve only given it 4 stars is the mechanism for the tray attachment has become jammed /broke on 2 of our chairs now, could be better designed.

Reviewed by

Becca T


18th Sep 2016


We love our My Pal chair at home.

Before we had one, we struggled with where to seat Brody when he was eating. He is too big for highchairs but cannot be trusted at our dinner table because he pushes himself backwards in the seat and falls.

We now have skis on the bottom of his My Pal to make sure that he can’t tip in it too.

It’s easy to clean and offers good postural support. It’s actually nice on the eye too.

My only wish was that it wasn’t so heavy and that it could fold away for space and so we could take it on holiday with us. We are lost without it.

Reviewed by

Brody, Me & GDD


15th Sep 2016