Review the M&S Sleeveless Bodysuits with Poppered Tummy (3-8)

Marks & Spencer

M&S Sleeveless Bodysuits with Poppered Tummy (3-8)

This comfortable cotton sleeveless bodysuit is available for ages 3-8, making them ideal for children with special needs or those who are having operations. Nappies are kept securely in place, away from wandering hands, while the evenly spaced poppers leave room for any medical tubes.

Available in white, blue stripes, grey stars and pink stripes.

User Reviews

We have brought lots of these vests and love them! Not too expensive .

They have washed and tumble dried well and still look good after 6 months of use.
One thing i think helped ,i brought a size bigger than my daughter wears so access to the poppers is easier when wearing tights/leggings,this means the vests pulls up higher over top of leggings.

Brought in grey stars and plain white.

Would like brighter colours.


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27th Dec 2016


I was very excited about these when I spotted them on the M&S website, but they are a bit disappointing.

As other reviewers mentioned, they lose their shape after a few washes and become quite baggy around the middle.

The poppers are fiddly and I can imagine it being quite a challenge to do them all up if you have a wiggly child.

Also, the opening is much lower than the location of my daughter’s PEG, which means I have to unsnap the onesie and then pull it up to access her PEG.

All in all, not bad for the price, but could be a lot better if M&S make a few changes to the design!

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1st Nov 2016


My son and I tried these vests in a size 4-5 years.

They’re a good size and when new the material is a good shape. After a few washes they lose their shape a little.

For the price, they’re good but I personally wouldn’t purchase anymore.

The buttons are very fiddly when needing access for nappy changes and very time consuming when undoing them to give feeds/Meds etc..

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22nd Sep 2016


Hello ! I have daisie she is 2 1/2 and is peg fed.

I like the price of these vests and although initially the material feels nice they do come out of shape from washing very quickly after just 2 or 3 washes.

I found the way the peg access is to be slightly annoying… Because it means your undoing the whole vest rather than just getting to the tummy which seems more time consuming.

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15th Sep 2016