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Koolway Sports


Koolmitts - Commander & Fleece driving mitt with an opening for joystick users and easily put on with velcro straps.


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As Sebastian has outgrown the baby/toddler sized thumbless mittens, these are a must. Lined with fleece, they are warm and also keep his hands dry. They are long enough to fit over his jackets with an adjustable velcro strap to easily fit depending on the thickness of the clothing. They even fit over his wrist splints!

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22nd Mar 2017


We own many life-saving pieces from Koolway Sports but the mitts are my favorite! Extra warmth, waterproof, no zipper so the are length adjustabke around the wrist OR coat… velcro surpasses industrial strength yet not a problem to work with… no thumbhole and classy! Quality made, not cheaply made. Worth every penny and will fit your child forever. Machine washable. Highly recommend these!

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12th Jan 2017