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Specialised Orthotic Services


The Hydropod has been developed by SOS to assist users with complex disabilities to acces Hydrotherapy and recreational water activities.

Key features:

Suitable for a wide range of children with varying types of disability.

Available in custom moulded and symmetrical versions.

Height and angle adjustable.

Available with growth liners.

Range of safety straps and harnesses

User Reviews

We searched for 3 years for an appropriate bath seat for our daughter and we finally found this bath seat from SOS. It is so comfortable, made of a soft moulded foam plastic instead of the hard plastic or mesh which we found on every other seat and is so uncomfortable for kids who have as much movement as our daughter. She is so happy in this seat and now has baths for fun in a slightly reclined position. She splashes about and relaxes for the first time in her life, it is a joy to see. I’m so happy we found this seat. I highly recommend it especially to kids who have uncontrolled movement.

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24th Jun 2017


We imported this bath seat from SOS to the USA, and it was one of the best out of pocket purchases we’ve ever made.  It is the best bath seat for children who have little to no head, neck and trunk control and cannot sit independently and require a slight recline.  It is molded well so it separates the hips and contours to the child’s body.  It is easy to clean and the surface is smooth and comfortable for children who have sensory challenges.  I’d highly recommend this bath seat for children with disabilities

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Healing Heart


2nd Jun 2017