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Gravity Chair

The Gravity Chair is a very supportive foam positioning system to augment postural control for a wide range of individuals. Gravity Chair follows the principle ‘Tension and Relaxation’ whereby it provides: 1. Alternative Seating 2. Serves the therapeutical aim of stable positioning

User Reviews

My 5-year old daughter LOVES her Gravity Chair. Its greatest benefit is that it provides a high level of support while also being very comfortable. Previously, we struggled to find seating where she could relax - most other chairs were either not sufficiently supportive or were posturally great but uncomfortable. The chair is lightweight and has a handle on the back, so is easy to move. You can recline the chair using the wedge - although it can be difficult to adjust the tilt if the child is already in the chair. Overall, it is a great chair for children with high support needs.

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1st Nov 2016