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Giant Spinning Top

Designed for children from 3 to 10 years, the Gonge Giant Spinning Top is good for basic physical coordination training as well as strengthening muscles and enhancing muscle control.

The Gonge Giant Spinning Top is suitable for 1 or 2 children. Use it to rock from side to side, spin it, build a den, or anything else.


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We got this for Jack 7 a few yrs ago as he loves to spin and rock. He hasnt managed to do it by himself yet but its still fun. We also got the stand for it which means we can fill it with water, sand, balls, paper, teddies, toys and he can sit in his wheelchair and play with whatever is in it. Definately recommended for those that like to rock and very soothing

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27th Oct 2016


Brielle loves her giant red top! With her sensory issues (deafblind) she mainly likes to lie upside down in it and kick like crazy, or rock side to side. We’ve even taken it outside on the grass on a warm summer evening! Highly recommend it for kiddos with sensory impairments and mobility/ muscle tone issues.

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Becca T


19th Sep 2016