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Glitter Gel Lap Pad

Shiny stars and “gotta-touch” glittery gel combine to provide a total tactile and visual experience. You won’t be able to keep your fidgety fingers from manipulating the sparkling gel. For 5 years and over, and is Latex free.

£37.95 - £45.54

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This looks so nice , really appealing to the eye. It would be better if they put bigger sparkles in as they are so tiny it would maybe stand out a little more and encourage the child to touch it. The only thing I really dislike about this is that it gets so cold. The size is really good. Could be a little cheaper but overall I think it’s fab. I tried it with two of my children Daisie aged nearly 3 (complex needs) she wasn’t so keen mainly because it was cold but Lillie my 8 year old asd and spd loved it she was mesmorozed by it!

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21st Jan 2017