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Crocodile Walker

The Crocodile is a walking aid for children with special needs, who need supplementary assistance with their daily walking.

Placed behind the child, the frame allows freedom of movement and facilitates walking in the upright position. The adjustable handles can be individually adapted to a position conveniently close to the child’s body providing maximum support and stability.

The Crocodile can be used as a basic posterior gait trainer for the child who needs minimal support, or as a fully supported upright gait trainer with all of the accessories added.

The Crocodile is available in three sizes and suitable for children and young people.

User Reviews

LOVE our yellow crocodile walker! It is excellent for outdoor terrain, and indoor too, very durable and large caster wheels. It easily collapses flat if needed. The flip down seat is great for her bigger sisters to sit down and peddle back if B gets tired walking. Came with a handy tool kit (different sizes alan keys) for adjustments/tightening screws. She also has an additional chest strap (velcro and buckle) for added safety and independence. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by

Becca T


7th Nov 2016


This is a very good product, really solid for all terrains. The back crossbar has a padded cover so that when the child leans back it is soft on their back. Fitted with blockers that prevent the frame from wheeling backwards, or the child trying to walk backwards. Locking wheel nuts for the child that needs to use it for single directional walking. Soft handle grips and easily adjustable height of handles. To fold down requires a simple unscrewing of 2 knobs. But if you unscrew them too far the frame separates into 2 pieces annoyingly.  The front legs are notably longer than other walkers.

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19th Oct 2016