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Colt Trike

The Colt is a fixed drive tricycle - the pedals rotate, the drive wheel rotates and visa-versa. This adds momentum which assists pedalling and is beneficial to children with low muscle tone and strength; beneficial to children with Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Diplegia).

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We bought the Colt trike after our son outgrew his Tomcat Tiger and it has so far been brilliant. It’s very stylish and well made. We particularly love the low cross bar, which makes tricky transfers much easier. Also love the carry bag at the back for storage. Colour choice is great & it’s good value compared to other brands. Calipers are small & fit under trousers which is nice and discrete, but best over long socks we find. Trike separates into 2 parts for transport & the pedals flip up so they do not hit the floor when pulled along without a rider. Lots of great design features. Thumbs up.

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20th Sep 2016