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Chewigem Gift Box

This is a nifty starter kit allowing people to try and test a range of products to help them decide which is best for them. There are two prepacked boxes available with different colours in each, plus a handy guide to chewing and breaking habits. All beautifully presented in a gift box, making this an ideal present.


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So theres a neclace a bangle and two fidget/handheld type chewable items in this starterpack.
I had mentioned to a family member about my sons chewing habbits.  His nails are a mess and he will put anything in his mouth to chew - without even realising sometimes. When he was young he use to chew the dummys, the toys and even the wooden table, so has always had the need to bite/chew.
This was gifted to him and he particulartly loves the neclace as he can chew this but not lose it when he is inbetween chew sessions.
The variety is excelent if you are not sure of exactly what you want to order.

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16th Jan 2017