Review the BikyBiky Kids Cycling Harness


BikyBiky Kids Cycling Harness

This cycling harness provides support, helping thechild find their balance on a bike and boosts their confidence learning to cycle.

It allows you to walk or run, in an upright position, alongside your cycling child holding onto the padded handle on the back of the vest securely.

In the event of any major wobbles or incidents you can simply lift up your child safely preventing any painful scrapes and falls and avoid them getting tangled up with the bike.

User Reviews

I cannot rate this product highly enough. It has transformed our lives! My non-ambulant 4 year old, who loves bikes, trikes, anything with wheels, can now ride to his heart’s content, and we can rest assured that he is secure. We walk (run!) alongside him, safe in the knowledge that if he falters we have full control. Easy to put on, grows with the child, an extra layer of warmth, washable, durable. We have extended the use of the BikyBiky now to walking. It is superior to standard walking reins: easier on the adult, more comfortable for the child, safer.  Very affordable. Winner all round!

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18th Oct 2016