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Autism Friendly Cinema screenings

Odeon hosts Autism Friendly Screenings one Sunday morning each month. The screenings are nationwide with over 90 ODEON cinemas through-out the UK and Ireland participating. The special performances have subtle changes to the cinema environment which mean that people who have sensory difficulties have a more positive experience than they would in a traditional cinema setting. Changes include:

• The lights being kept on at a low level
• Lower than usual sound levels
• No trailers or advertisements - just the film

• Allowance for increased levels of movement and noise

User Reviews

Who ever had this idea was GENIOUS and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
My son loves movies and we were late introducing him to the cinema as he cant sit still! Also he has one volume and an inability to whisper.
We tried normal screenings and by the time he had made his way through the pre-bought snacks and getting board we were not even halfway through the ads!
We tried an autism screening and the difference in atmoshere is astounding.  Maybe because you know that all the people there are in the same boat.
Kids are free to move around & no one glares if your a bit loud!

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16th Jan 2017