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Adventure Belt

The Adventure Belt provides a revolutionary alternative to traditional toddler reins, which keeps kids close and connected.

Physically linking parent and child, belt to belt, the fun Adventure Belt is loved by kids and adults alike.

For kids’ it provides a fun place to store treasures whilst giving a sense of independence. For adults the system gives handsfree piece of mind and ensures child safety.

Finally it is possible to browse a shelf, watch a show or take a walk without having eyes in the back of your head!

The elasticated bungee, which links adult and child, is adjustable in length and can be completely removed if desired.

Whilst the buckles on the child’s belt and bungee have a three way opening system, so the belt cannot be removed by the child.

Available in a range of colours.

User Reviews

I have an Adventure Belt and it comes everywhere we go.

My son is Autistic and generally he can walk to school and walk around the park as long as he is close and it isn’t busy, however that isn’t the case all the time. I have the adventure belt and he just has that little bit of comfort, it goes around his waist and so it doesn’t irritate him. It also isn’t completely obvious so he doesn’t feel like everyone is looking at him, which makes his anxiety worse.

Overall the Adventure Belt has just really helped in our day to day lives going out and about.

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20th Oct 2017