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Private Physiotherapy (UK)

Becca T

Joined: 2015-04-26 Posts: 53

Has anyone gone for private PT with their kiddos in the UK?? Any suggestions on how to go about it and what your experiences were? I can’t help but think that B needs more than she’s getting in school at the minute. Thanks x

17 January 2017 08:49 PM # 1

Healing Heart

Joined: 2014-10-10 Posts: 701

I have no experience with private PT in the UK - but I know here that I wouldn’t depend on school therapy alone - I kind of prefer in-home therapy do you all have that option there where a therapist comes in and works with the child in a home setting?


Everyday Holds the Possibility of a Miracle

22 January 2017 09:08 PM # 2

Alison Douthwaite

Joined: 2017-01-22 Posts: 1

Hi, we ended up going for private physiotherapy for our daughter as what we were getting from the state provided physio got less and less as she grew up. It felt like they were kind of giving up on her - They always talked about ‘managing’ things and ‘maintaining’ but didn’t seem to ever think she could make much progress. In retrospect, I don’t think they had the specific expertise and experience to know what to do to help her. Plus they probably had horrific caseloads. The progress she has made since having private physio has been amazing and made us feel much more in control. We can do it weekly, at a time which suits us, and also work with the therapist to work out activities which we can easily build into what we have to do already. For us, it has been amazing. We didn’t find a brilliant one straight away - the first one we had for a few months. She was good but it felt like they were extended play sessions rather than really focused help, so we stopped with her. Then we found the current physio who is completely brilliant. It was on recommendation really - which I guess only works if you know others who happen to have private physio - but it was word of mouth. It is really expensive - I was pretty shocked honestly - £40 plus an hour. The lady who comes to us has a studio in a nearby city and it could be cheaper if we travelled to her, but it just adds too much hassle so we pay the extra and have her here. I think we could tell from the first few sessions that she was good because she related to our daughter so well - we liked the way she spoke to our daughter, her sense of humour, her ability to get her to do things without stressing her out. Good luck with your decision. It is an expensive thing to do, but if you find a good one, it can be amazing. Make sure they are specialists in physio for children with disabilities and chat to them about the experience they have had with children with particular conditions so you can have some confidence that they will be likely to be able to understand your child’s particular issues :)

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