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Blended diet for tube feeding

Becca T

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Hi all!

Just wondering if any of you also make up your own blended food for tube/ PEG feeds? I’ve been making my daughter’s food for about 3 years now and the change in her is amazing! Yes we still use a prescribed back-up formula (Fortini smoothie) for emergencies, sometimes outings, but I love being able to make and vary her diet with fresh wholesome food. She has come off her prevacid for reflux and hardly ever vomits now where it used to be daily.  She has more energy, looks healthier and is sick a lot less often. The NHS in the UK does not support or recommend blended diets for enteral feeding, I feel more research and studies into its effectiveness and benefits are so necessary.

17 January 2017 08:26 PM # 1

Healing Heart

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It is a shame that the UK isn’t more supportive of blended diets.  They are quite beneficial and really help children with meeting more of their dietary needs and even benefits like less constipation etc.  Although I don’t have a child that is tube fed, I do have to puree and blend all foods for a baby food consistency for oral feeds.  And so I know the challenge of finding all the nutrients, calories and good fats you can to maintain a healthy little body.  It sure beats formula based feeds any day.  Way to go for finding something that is working for you and your little one - even if it doesn’t happen to be a popular choice in the UK


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