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Special Needs and Periods


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How does your daughter handle her time of the month? Mine is doing much better than I ever imagined she would. However, she doesn’t want to to take care of it herself. To be honest, even though I want her to be as independent as possible, I’d rather she not do it herself because she makes such a mess and doesn’t even notice when it gets on her hands. We use an adult diaper with a pad on it, which she insists on changing every ten minutes whether she needs to or not! It drives me nuts!! She also refuses to go out of the house for the duration which is very isolating for both of us!

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I’m mum to two boys so this isn’t a situation we’re going to face. I really feel for your daughter I struggle massively myself so can’t even begin to think what it might be like not to fully understand what is going on.

For a number of years I used the depo injection and I think it’s quite regularly used here in the UK for girls with a learning or physical disability - it stops periods altogether as well as acting as a contraceptive.

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Healing Heart

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I had read a while ago about panties that have built in absorbancy in them - much like cloth diapers for babies do, so there is no need to change a pad and something that many parents tell me they really prefer and that it makes it much easier for their girls with special needs.  This is an article that kind of discusses it a little.  There are a few different brands, but perhaps something like this might help a little, and would allow you to still offer her independence without having to worry about messy hands and such that go along with it.


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