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When therapy isn’t something you can’t do yourself


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Does anyone ever feel like their child’s therapy is a waste of time because the therapists aren’t doing anything that you aren’t already doing with your child anyway? I have often felt this way about my daughter’s ST, OT, and PT and I have to say that I was relieved when it was declared that my daughter no longer needed them.

16 January 2017 09:15 PM # 1

Becca T

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Yes I know the feeling… I love it when a therapist shows me new techniques or gives advise that opens up the path to new opportunities. You want to be able to replicate the therapy techniques to some degree at home, but it is nice to feel that their expertise and time with you and your child is not a waste of time!

17 January 2017 08:54 PM # 2

Healing Heart

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It’s like you’re totally reading my mind!  I am having a day where I am seriously so pissed off at therapists that I cancelled therapy today and played sick!  First off they are so lazy.  I have been asking them to do their jobs and assist me with things I need ordered for over 6 months and they just keep putting it off, or saying they haven’t had time to check on it, etc.  So today, of course I have to do their jobs for them and all the vendors of the product and set up my own trials of what I need.  They are useless.  And when it comes to therapy, tickling my kid, trying to hold his eye lids open because you’re annoyed that my child is tired and had a rough night - does not constitute THERAPY! I mean come on already.  They get paid to do literally nothing. My child isn’t making progress - in fact he’d doing without - a speech mount - orthotic shoes - the list goes on and on because I can’t light their fire.  And it’s not even like I need to find new therapists - the turn over rate is so high and they just send me another person that sucks just as bad with a different name.  Doesn’t anyone care about doing an awesome job for our kids anymore?


Everyday Holds the Possibility of a Miracle

25 January 2017 01:48 PM # 3

[email protected]

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Yes I used to feel the same, my therapists used to come and sing songs and read books, things I was doing myself and not actual hands on therapy.  I used to feel so frustrated that these therapists had bothered to study for years to become therapists but weren’t actually bothering to do any hands on useful therapy.  I was wasting hours on appointments with them and everytime they left I felt like I’d just wasted another hour of my life!  I used to pay for private therapy instead which was far better.  But now my son is at a very specialist school and his therapy is so much better, they cant do enough and are hands on and so knowledgeable & keen to try things thankfully.  The therapists made out it was because of a lack of time that they couldnt do hands on therapy but an hour reading a book or singing a song takes just as long as an hour doing therapy so that made no sense!

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