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Changing Space or Space to Change?


Joined: 2016-12-14 Posts: 1

I have recently come across the website and hope that this might be a useful forum to publicise the availability of toilet and changing rooms at a much lower cost than the current well publicised Changing Places or Places to Change.

Our company specialises in supplying a waterless toilet, which, although it looks and feels like a WC, uses no water at all, and creates no sewage, so can be installed almost anywhere.

In recent months we have come across both Changing Places and Places to Change. In order to meet this demand we have developed a stand-alone toilet cabin which includes all the features you need, but without the extensive installation costs of WC based toilets. This means that these changing places and toilets can now be available to a much wider audience.

If you know of an organisation which could benefit from such an installation, please let them know that an Ecotoilet could be their solution.

I am happy to answer any questions or reply to any comments here.

Richard Saillet
Ecotoilets Ltd

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