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Wanted: looking for size 1 Go To Seat


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hi let me know if anyone has any avail. i needed one for a while and he’s Laniakea (#laniakealove) he’s 1, about 3ft and 26lbs. no cerebellum so we are trying to teach his left and right brain…and he can sit up so thats what we got so far. theres only two kids in Hawaii with IVH4 so we had been fighting with insurance for almost everything, yet he’s so progressed out of all the issues and needs advancement to prove things. Neurology team is down for everything i do, but insurance isn’t supporting other equipment as well. So I’m gonna fork what we got into anything that can make him stand , walk, sit and see…he has one wandering arm to do the grabbing. The only thing motivating him is empathy…he has great audio. and we want to take him to where ever his head points us to ( he’s like puppy ears).

We don’t know what size for him to use ,cause he keeps changing. But guessing XS/S or Size 1. We can get him to sit up but he has to wobble, we even think he’d be better on a boat. Please let us know


Amber Alimboyoguen
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