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Going Back to College


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I have stayed home with my son, born with Smith-Magenis syndrome, for the past fifteen years but I am ready to go back to work full-time.  Although I have continued to substitute teach and do some bookkeeping from home, I guess it is not that impressive on a resume.  I think the only way I can get a job (that will cover full-time child care), is if I go back to college.

Has anyone gone back to school?  Besides funding the tuition costs, I don’t know how I’m going to pay for a sitter while I complete two years of a Master’s program.  We live in a state where respite is based on income (believe me, I have asked around).  I don’t really have any family members in a position to help me out.

I have two younger sons who would be able to stay home a few hours a day, but they are not quite old/big enough to take care of their brother who “overpowers” them :) And my husband works full-time during the hours I would be at school (program I want to do is in healthcare and not available online)

Any ideas?

Tina McGrevy

21 October 2014 10:25 PM # 1


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Have you thought about doing a night course or one which you could complete online? In the UK we have evening classes at our local colleges and also the Open University offer online degrees etc. I know that in the UK they’re subsidised for those going back to learning or are over 21, not sure if it’s the same in the states but definitely something to consider. That way you could study in the evenings or during the day and not need child care.

Hope you find something which works smile

22 October 2014 04:21 AM # 2

Healing Heart

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I was rather forced to go back to school again - after my son’s birth - I already carried multiple degrees, that seemed worthless when my life wound up where it did… and had to do nursing school at night when I had a three month old and a three year old child with special needs. It wasn’t easy.  But somehow we made it happen.  Just don’t get discouraged, great things come with great love.


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