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advice on upset needed


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Hi new to site but looking for advice re upsee. My son can walk independently with a kaye walker but it is not developing his cross patterning when he walks as his hands are static. This looks like it might help that situation but i am conscious that he would need a large size. Also the possibility of him pulling me over is quite high. He is wanting to walk more with us just supporting his hips rather than using his walker and this is why i feel the upsee might be a solution to my back aching from bending over to support him all the time? Any advice would be helpful. My son is nine but the size of an average six year old. Thank you

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Hi adennison,

We have forwarded your enquiry to our therapist who is going to respond to you very shortly.

Many thanks Claire

30 November 2016 12:33 PM # 2

Kathryn - Firefly Therapist

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Hi Adennison,

Many thanks for you enquiry.
The Upsee is a great product to promote activity participation as your child is supported to stand whilst their hands are free. The child wears the harness and this helps to support their trunk and pelvis, whilst they are attached to the adult belt.
The adult belt is to be worn around your hips to reduce the pressure on your back. If your son’s shoulders are higher than you belly button, we would not recommend that you use the upsee (to help protect your back).
You have mentioned that your son can walk independently in their kaye walker- when using the Upsee it is recommended that the sandals are used initially to encourage weight bearing and correct leg alignment. Your child may find this quite restrictive if he normally takes his own step, but these can be removed once he gets used to the product.
Hope this helps.

If you have any other questions, you can contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)




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