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Little revelation in cup use


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Hi guys, just thought I would post this as I’m so happy about it. My son has CP (quad) and cannot drink from an open cup. For years he would only drink from baby bottles and we have slowly progressed to sports bottles but they still flow a bit fast and no good when you want a warm drink - something that he has started to like - the odd little milky tea or hot chocolate.

I was in StarBucks with my best friend the other day and saw they were selling reusable plastic cups with the little sip lids that you get on take out coffee. They were only a quid so I bought one…..and low and behold my son loves it and can sip from it really well.

He also loves the fact that it looks like he’s drinking mummy’s coffee! Although I’m not sure what people think when we are out and about!! haha!

But it’s really good and goes in the dishwasher. Just thought I would share as I’m sure others probably struggle too with cups - all the tommee tippee ones etc can be a bit on the babyish side for older kids.


09 November 2016 09:03 AM # 1


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Oh wow - I would never have thought of that. I’m totally going to try this. We’ve been using the honeybear bottle but I think this would be a good progression.

28 November 2016 04:16 PM # 2

Kerry-Ann Fender

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I use these kind of cups, too. If needs be you can use them with straws too - just poke a couple down the hole. We also have one with this kind of lid, but with a little flip-up closure for carrying them around - just 2 or 3 quid from Primark, and quite sturdy.

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