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I Will Walk For You


Joined: 2016-10-05 Posts: 1

I’m not asking for anything—but giving something.

As the grandfather of a 4 year old SMA child… I appreciate the efforts their parents, siblings, grandparents, etc make for them.

I wrote this song and produced a video to celebrate all of us who walk, climb and carry… so they can fly. Please share:

By the way…check out shots of the Upsee in action.

05 October 2016 08:53 AM # 1


Joined: 2014-10-10 Posts: 270

Oh wow that’s so beautiful - Scarlet is absolutely beautiful. You made me cry.

05 October 2016 01:31 PM # 2

Kathryn - Firefly Therapist

Joined: 2016-09-20 Posts: 3

Love this video - its great to see your grand daughter using the Upsee and participating in lots of fun activities.
The main purpose of Upsee is to promote weight bearing through use of the sandals. The sandals encourage the child to take weight through their legs as they step.
If you would like any tips on how to encourage weight bearing and to help Scarlet get the most out of her Upsee, please contact us via email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).



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