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Physical Therapy - Different Perspectives

J Shenal

Joined: 2016-04-07 Posts: 29

We switched to a new Physical Therapy program 6 months ago and the perspective of our new therapists has made a world of difference.  My daughter is 5 and unable to walk, but her new therapy is tailored to her specific needs (using a harness and gait trainer on a treadmill.)  They stress that her walking someday is a real, tangible goal, and that gives us a lot of hope.  Have you ever experienced a therapist(s) that saw a spark in your child and pushed harder than any had ever before?

09 September 2016 09:06 PM # 1


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This is awesome! Your daughter is blessed to have a therapist so devoted to helping her achieve! My daughter never had a therapist that I felt really cared that much about her, but her service coordinator is phenomenal like that! She’s always on the look out for opportunities to help my daughter reach her fullest potential and live a happy and satisfying life!

22 September 2016 09:25 AM # 2


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That’s amazing - if I’m honest I don’t think we have ever met a therapist like this but it makes me more motivated to have another look around.

Is it a particular type of therapy that you do with your daughter?

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