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CRIT USA Therapy Center

Healing Heart

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I had the chance to tour this AMAZING new therapy facility in San Antonio, Texas called CRIT USA.  It opened in November 2014 and it’s incredible.  It’s a 18 million dollar facility that is fully funded by donors and all the children that attend pay between $1-$20 per therapy (it’s on a sliding scale on financial need) there is no insurance involvement, no denials, all are welcome.  Children so far have traveled from 38 states to attend therapy at this state of the art facility.  It’s beautiful.  They have Lokomat technology, and the coolest warm water pool I have ever seen, everything is very clean, nice.  I highly recommend it as a therapy center resource for children with special needs - and bonus you get to visit Morgan’s Wonderland which is right new door when you go! 
For more information here is the website.  It’s a must check out place!


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