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Adapted bungalow = mixed emotions


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We just went to look at a bungalow, the structural engineer provided the plans for the adaptions needed. I’ve been fighting our local council for years for this and I know it’s what we need, it’s going to be life changing. However, part of me feels disappointed, it’s just not the family home I dreamt of, ramps, ceiling tracks and hoists, wet room etc! It just wasn’t in the plan before having a disabled child. Anyone else get mixed emotions when receiving what should be good news? I feel a bit selfish and that other people wouldn’t get it!

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That’s a normal feeling it’s like everything else that we have to get used to, the 1st buggy/wheelchair, safe bed, standing frames, you just never get away from it, sure all these pieces of equipment make our kids lives more comfortable but doesnt stop us asking “why”
We got our house adapted for our son it is a great job but we had often planned to have that area as a 2nd living room as the one we have is tiny. Hope through time you get to like your new home when it’s ready x

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Healing Heart

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I know exactly how you feel.  We moved last year from what was my dream home.  I worked so hard all my life for it. It was everything I wanted.  But it was a two story home, with three complete floors, with all 4 bedrooms on the top floor.  Which meant a big flight of stairs up and down, and I even fell a few times with my son in my arms on those stairs.  But it became apparent that we had to do something and move.  We couldn’t stay there with a severely disabled child.  We moved, not really loving the house we picked, but the only decent option we had to chose from -  we call them ranch homes here.  I cried the day I left, and I still haven’t been able to fully sprout roots in our new home and I’ve been here a little over a year now.  It’s so much better for my son, but it feels like yet one more thing I had to say goodbye to, one more piece of my life gone as I knew it.  One more piece lost.  I miss having a big back yard, a nice garden, peach trees that I grew from love - there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about what I left behind.  A piece of my heart for sure.  I just keep trying tell myself it’s all for the best, and that I shouldn’t look backwards.


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