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BEST DIY Projects

Healing Heart

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Special needs parents hands down are some of the most creative people I’ve ever met.  We can do things with a shoe string most people wouldn’t dream of.  There are some really great ideas out there of how to design and make shift with a handful of supplies.

I think the best sort of DIY project we came up with was how to get around bath seat challenges for our son once he outgrew the toddler tub. We stripped down a traveling safety first high chair of the fabric and reclined it and used it as a bath chair from about age 2-4 years. 

What is the coolest DIY project you’ve seen or made?


Everyday Holds the Possibility of a Miracle

13 October 2014 07:33 PM # 1


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A few yrs ago My hubby adapted a bumbo seat, stuck it on a board added some wheels and hey presto our sons first wheelchair, he was moving and self propelling within the 1st hour of being in it, it gave him hours of fun and the 1st steps to independance. He even added a feeding pole to hold his feeding pump :)

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Over the years my Hubby has made our GD a set of parallel bars out of some ABS tubing he had, a walker that would not tip up (now being used by others at SEN nursery) and is currently working on a switch toy which makes a flower out of LED lights when the button is pressed.

14 October 2014 12:33 AM # 3


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Our DIY was simple. My son has a Chill Out Chair (the staionary kind.) A tray is not an option as an accesory. We took the tray from our Convaid Carrot Carseat and attached it to the Chill Out Chair (didnt have to do anything, velcro already equiped.)

14 October 2014 10:09 AM # 4


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My brother in law has to have the best hands ever for doing DIY, some of the things he comes up with are amazing, our nephew never misses out on any adventures :)

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My hubby is in the middle of making my daughter a platform with handles to get on the toilet independently. We got the idea from a product on sale on the internet for £400! It’s literally a wooden platform with handles!!

15 October 2014 10:04 PM # 6


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Just this week I made some walking sticks for my daughter.  Wooden dowels cut to her height topped with hand grips which, quite handily, were the same diameter as rubber cane tips for the bottom.

16 October 2014 10:50 AM # 7


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Wow - I’m very impressed with everyone’s ingenuity!! We’ve made nothing :(

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