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The Worst Pieces of Adaptive Equipment

Healing Heart

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Ever look at something in the corner of your basement collecting dust and think that is the wost piece of crap I have for my child?  (Unfortunately, I have several of those) but if I had to vote one for the most dust collected it would be the Taos System.

What is your most hated piece of equipment that never worked taking up space in your house?
*Note doesn’t even have to be a bad product maybe just one that just happened not to work out well for your child *


Everyday Holds the Possibility of a Miracle

14 October 2014 09:17 PM # 1


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Last year I would’ve said a Tomcat Trike but all of a sudden my little boy has taken to it!! Thank goodness!

14 October 2014 11:23 PM # 2


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Our Chill Out Chair is such a comfortable piece of equipment but the least used because of my sons spasticity he can easiky arch out of it and fall. I wish it had some type of chest/waist harness secirement and a tray. I know they make a version w wheels but unfortunately we do not have that version. Such a lively piece of equipment that does not get much use. Also, FireFly pls dont be mad but our GoTp Seat is probally the second least used product as the straps on the lateral support slide open (just like the upsee straps.) The upsee and goto deat both need better strap securements with all do respect as I ADORE the concept!

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