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The Safety Sleeper


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Have you tried this product? We’d love to hear your thoughts…

Cost £2020 available in the UK from Murrays Medical

The Safety Sleeper at a Glance:
– Ease of travel
– Custom solutions with bed accessories
– Durable yet soft structure that will keep your loved one safe and secure
– Protection from entrapment with coverlet system

Customize your bed color to match your personality
– Hot Pink to bring out that fun diva
– Sail Blue for the adventurous ones
– Diamond Black for those who aren’t afraid to be bold
– Shimmering Sand for a calm and relaxing experience

Additional safety and comfort
Additional safety and comfort to your bed by including bar cushions to protect your loved ones and keep him safe during down time or a seizure.
» Customize your Safety Sleeper with Frame Pads
Second bed entry point
Include a second bed entry point to add convenience or additional assistance for care taker.
» Customize your Safety Sleeper with a second or extended entry point
Multifunctional access holes
Additional access holes can be inserted on the left and right sides of the enclosure to allow for multi-functional use such as for use with feeding tubes, oxygen tubing, pulse-ox sensors, monitors, etc. Two holes on each side, totaling four holes for your convenience.
» Customize your Safety Sleeper with multifunctional access points
Stabilizing straps
To ensure additional stability to support older children and adults or rambunctious activity, we offer stabilizing straps to avoid bed tipping or moving.
» Add additional stability to your Safety Sleeper with stabilizing straps

Note: Stabilizing straps need to be attached to your traditional bed frame or box spring.

Attachment Loops
To allow for fun and organization within your bed, our six loops attachment can be installed on the roof of the enclosure to be used for items intended for hanging.
» Customize your Safety Sleeper with attachment loops

Inside pocket
Our 8” X 10” pocket can be used for storing communication devices, toys, eye glasses or other items valuable to your loved one when using The Safety Sleeper.
» Customize your Safety Sleeper with an inside storage pocket

Additional coverlets / mattress pad for easy care
Purchase additional coverlets to ensure easy transitions between bed washings and security during spills and accidents. For added comfort and protection include a mattress pad in your order.
» Add additional coverlets or mattress pad for more convenience and comfort
Our standard Package

UK single bed-sized Safety Sleeper (double bed size is also available for an additional cost)
2 coverlets (the sheets that a person lies on which zip into the frame to eliminate entrapment issues)
Frame pads (to prevent a person injuring themselves on the metal poles if they have a tendency to self-harm)
Stabilising straps (to attach to the base of a single or double bed as appropriate although it can be placed directly on a floor)
Travel suitcase

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16 April 2015 08:06 PM # 1

Healing Heart

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Haven’t used the Safety Sleeper personally, however I have heard good things from the parents that do have one.  I think the biggest discouraging factor is simply the price tag and most parents are considering this model for travel and portability and simply do not want a product they have to pay thousands for.  Although I hear that DME code funding is coming soon for the Safety Sleeper but insurance still will fund only one bed which will make parents have to chose between a model like the Sleep Safe bed or a Safety Sleeper.


Everyday Holds the Possibility of a Miracle

18 April 2015 10:13 PM # 2

inclusive home

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We saw it at Kidz in the Middle exhibition and it looks great….but way out of our price range

06 May 2017 09:09 AM # 3


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Hi, should we also have to pay extra for coverlets and mattress. I am just asking as i am new here from Australia!


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