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What do you do when people stare at your child?


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Today’s Firefly Garden blog post is about people staring at your child.

What do you do when this happens? Lets get a top tips section going…

09 December 2014 05:51 PM # 1

Healing Heart

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Depends sometimes on the day I’m having.

Sometimes I retreat for the comforts of my car so I can just cry
Sometimes if I’m having a strong day, I might say something like he can’t talk back to you but you can talk to him he understands everything
If it’s a child staring I always try to make them feel comfortable with the situation and tell them that Noah is in a wheelchair but likes friends just like them.
If I’m feeling a bit feisty about it I might say something like “I can’t help but stare too because he’s so cute!”

Usually if a person is staring I think it’s because they just don’t know what to say, so generally if I’m the verbal ice-breaker then it helps the situation.


Everyday Holds the Possibility of a Miracle

09 December 2014 09:22 PM # 2


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I tend to do a very loud ‘wow that person with the purple coat (something to identify them) thinks you are gorgeous, they can’t stop staring at you’ they’re usually very embarrassed. With kids I tend to say ‘aren’t his wheels super cool?’ they normally smile at this point or if they’re wearing a t.shirt with like tv character - i’ll say ‘oh my little boy loves Fireman Sam too’

I did used to get upset but the skin has got thicker over the years.

11 December 2014 08:02 AM # 3


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I must say that I am very proud of myself as to how I react to these situations. My son used to be very healthy until he had an accident at 11 months…and that changed everything. My son is now Gtube fed and has a trach and does not do what kids at his age normally would (He is 2 yrs and 8mnths now). People used to costantly stare when they would hear him breathe loudly due to a secretion or whe they would walk by him and notice his extreme muscle tone and when we would turn his suction machine on it made matters worse.  I used to get infuriated and would cry the second I got in my car. I would honestly not even want to go out anymore because it hurt me so much to see adults…older than me, stare at him and I could see them feel sorry for him. If they only knew the pain they caused us and that despite his condition we thank God every single day for bringing our baby back to life! It no longer bothers me because we have learned to live with his condition and although it does not get easier by any means it is most definately “normal” for us :D

15 December 2014 07:21 PM # 4


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Stare back ! And if I’m in “that” sort of a mood I’ll stop and stand and stare at them lol usually does the trick

19 December 2014 12:52 PM # 5


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Justine666uk - 15 December 2014 07:21 PM

Stare back ! And if I’m in “that” sort of a mood I’ll stop and stand and stare at them lol usually does the trick

Lol lol lol, yes! And if am REALLY in that kind of mood I opt for the raised eyebrow, narrowed eye, intense medusa level five stare…....though only when am being a total monkey.  Don’t know WHERE our daughter could get if from ;)

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