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Let us to the work…


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In the New Year the Firefly Garden will have student therapists on placement with us.

Is there anything around therapy or therapy equipment that you would like to know? Comment in this thread and we’ll do the research for you!

05 December 2014 02:07 PM # 1

Healing Heart

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Things I’d love to know:

The pros/cons of a device like the innowalk for a child that has potential migrating hip concerns:

Best ways to approach teaching a child to chew foods and accept small pieces of solid foods to try to transition and expand from a pureed only diet

If Dynamic Seating Systems should be more encouraged by therapists as a preferred product for children who have high tone patterns (such as this model):

The benefits of adaptive switch toys as a form of therapy and socialization for children with special needs

Alternative Therapies vs. Traditional Therapies:
The benefits of both


Everyday Holds the Possibility of a Miracle

08 December 2014 08:14 PM # 2


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Great Healing Heart. That’ll get us started.

But we still need more suggestions. We want to give our Interns lots of really interesting tasks.

08 January 2015 10:52 AM # 3


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I have a few questions around therapies, I should note that these are all things I have discussed with our regular therapists but any new ideas would be great!
1. Physio
My son is doing really well with the weight bearing part of standing and is happy in his standing frame for indefinite periods of time, he is also doing really well with step initiation (thanks in no small part of the upsee). However he has very little balance or even concept of balance. We work with him free standing moving our hands down to limit the amount of support he gets however he at some point will throw himself off balance and I will catch him. He finds this a hilarious game - so I’m not sure if it is actually helping him achieve balance. Any good tips for working on his balance in standing?

2. OT
My son flaps his hands and rocks a huge amount. We believe that he just likes the vestibular imput - however this distracts him from learning and interferes with his balance when in standing. Any tips to reduce this?

We are trying to introduce AAC to my son, we currently use a PODD book but he got an i-pad for christmas so we are hoping to begin him with a communication app in the near future. However I really struggle to use the PODD book consistently, I find it limiting in what I can model for him and somewhat cumbersome to use. Any tips for integrating into our lifes so that it becomes second nature to use it?

Thanks a million!

05 February 2015 07:43 PM # 4


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I would love to know more about therasuit/ spider therapy in york.

30 April 2015 12:52 PM # 5

Becca T

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I was just wondering how your student therapists are getting on, and what things they may be researching?  Have they explored therapy using various swings, ie bucket, cocoon, platform, log? The link between vestibular movement and the fun/calming effect/communication response in those with special needs, including sensory disabilities,  is fascinating!

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