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Head Movement


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My son has a rare genetic condition.  He does not walk or talk yet, he’s 3.  He constantly moves his head from side to side…I am guessing is a stimulatory movement.  It causes problems with focus, eating and balance.  Any advice for calming these movements?

01 December 2014 05:27 AM # 1

Healing Heart

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An assistive head rest may help to limit the motion.  Or possibility finding something that would distract him from what has become a comfortable action for him.  Maybe a fidget toy or something soothing like a vibrational pillow?  You might be able to teach him that sometime purposeful happens if he moves his head slower, you could work maybe with a therapist implementing a jelly bean switch that would attach on a headrest that would give a positive response like a toy activating, but would be on a timer so he’d have to slow down the head shaking to repeat activating the toy.


Everyday Holds the Possibility of a Miracle

02 December 2014 10:17 AM # 2


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We have the same and like you it impacts on a lot of things especially focus and concentration. A lycra suit has made a huge difference with our little boy.

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