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Where will you be shopping this Christmas?


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Hello Everyone,

We’d love to put together a list of the best places to buy toys for kids with special needs this Christmas. Please tell us where you will be doing your shopping?

Thank you, Firefly Garden

29 November 2014 09:42 PM # 1

Healing Heart

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I like hunting a mixture of typical toys with specific special needs toys:

Some of my favorite special needs sites are:

Adaptive Tech Solutions:


Fat Brain Toys:

In the UK I like these sites:
Blossom for Children  (They will not ship to the USA)

Special Needs Toys (Also known as TFH)
There is also a USA site

I love also finding typical toys that work well for children to that have special needs to reduce holiday costs for families that have children with special needs.  And assist them in finding a way to switch adapt toys themselves to also save on costs.  There is a great organization that will also assist with this called Santa’s Little Hackers:

And a site that helps support ideas for Christmas ideas for families who have children with special needs:
A Very Special Needs Christmas:



Everyday Holds the Possibility of a Miracle

02 December 2014 09:44 AM # 2


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Thanks Healing Heart.

Come on guys - I need some more ideas, I’m stuck.

02 December 2014 08:51 PM # 3


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Well Iv managed to get what we need this year from the Pets at home as he’s getting an aquarium
Also going to tesco for the new Hudl 2 tablet and the favourite Argos for some pre school toys, came across a vtech toy today which I know he will love it’s a vtech feed me dino

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