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2-wheeled Riding Therapy


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Hi there

My son is nearly 5 and only started walking at 4.  However he LOVES his ride-ons, and specially his balance bike.

Trouble is, he is a long way off being able to use pedals and brakes, so we have to literally RUN to keep up with him, and it can get a bit fruity when he decides to take off down a hill!

So I have two questions:

1 - Can anyone recommend inventive ways to get a learning disabled child to learn how to master pedals on a bike, and brakes too?
2 - Can anyone recommend any other types of vehicles that we could try, to expand my son’s repertoire of vehicles? As he is outgrowing all his other ride-ons which are designed with regular kids in mind so their saddles are really low.

Thanks in advance x


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