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Head suport


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my daughter is 10 years old, she has cerebral palsy.
She doesn’t controle her movements and switches from no strenght to impressive strenght.
Although she has many product to contain her movments, the head suport is a big problema to me.
do you know any equipment to suport her head?
thank you very much

25 July 2017 10:32 PM # 1

Healing Heart

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You might like the Hensinger head support - it works really well for children who have limited head and neck control.


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28 July 2017 03:55 PM # 2


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Hi, My son is 4 with dyskinetic cerebral palsy and he has poor head control. Our OT got us a “HeadPod” its great for helping them develop the muscles in there necks to improve head control yet stops them stretching the muscles in their necks when they flop their heads forward. They still have a full range of movement when it is on and can be used while eating or playing etc and attaches to the back of their seat/pram. I think it is made by R82 and not alot of people have heard of it but it is worth getting or asking your OT if its suitable x

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