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My Little one,2yrs old, has developmental delay, and can not crawl. When I put her in tommy position, she doesnot seem to get motivated to move and just stay in same position or rolled back immediately. I have tried showing her favorite toys, ipad, even cherrios and puff. But it does not seem to motivate her. What can I do?

25 July 2017 10:34 PM # 1

Healing Heart

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Some children never crawl.  I know some medical professionals (not all) have the position that if a child doesn’t crawl then they won’t progress to walking, but I have seen so many kids simply skip crawling altogether so I don’t really feel that is true.  Your child might enjoy some tummy time assists, like the Scooot, or the Creepster Crawler or the Krabat Pilot Crawler.  Sometimes gadgets that offer just a tad assistance are motivating tools.


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